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How It Works

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Keeping your company in front of the public can be expensive. Each press release on the "big guys" release services can cost $from $400 to $1500! Now, with, our one low monthly subscription fee gives you the freedom to submit press releases as often as you like.

PLUS: On occasion, your press release may have such a good story you wish to invite the world to view your press event live. A live webcast of your press release... a PRESSCAST! Subscribers now have the ability to schedule a live broadcast with each press release they send out. It's not at all required.... just an option when you want it!

How It Works

As a member of the PressCaster service, your company is eligible to schedule a PressCast any time!

  1. Create your account (as a company creating press releases)
  2. Update your PROFILE so that all your contact information is accurate
  3. Either SUBSCRIBE to our monthly service, or purchase one release at a time
  4. Complete all the fields of your release
  5. SUBMIT!

Couldn't be much easier!

What Happens Then?

Once you hit the submit button, one of our team reviews your release. We don't edit or modify your release. YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR CONTENT. That means releases submitted with poor grammar, spelling errors, etc... well... that's a problem. Have your content reviewed for spelling and grammar before you submit. Once submitted you can edit the release. But that's not a good practice.

Our team looks at the news release and uses their judgement as to how to place the release on our site. Great titles, awesome photos, and the topic itself may influence their decision. Then, when finalized, our team will PUBLISH your release.

When we publish, several things happen simultaneously:

  • posts the news release to the website News Categories area, and home page.
  • Submits the news to major search engines
  • Tweets the new release available to our followers
  • Adds the release to our DAILY DIGEST email service that goes out to thousands of journalists and investors, both domestic and international

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